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The Formative Years

How I Became the Bomb formed in 2005 in the university hub of Murfreesboro, TN. Childhood friends Adam Richardson and Jon Burr conspired with like-minded popsters Ricky Bizness, Rusty Hanberry, and Andy Spore to make music they wanted to hear. Something big. Something bold. Something cinematic. In June of that year, that nameless something became nameless no longer at The Temptation Club, an underground all-male revue. Tossing their fates to the wind, the quintet allowed a friend to christen them as they took to the stage for their first show. Thus How I Became the Bomb was born.

Let's Go!

With a mere 4 shows under their belt, the band fast-tracked the recording of an EP at Lakefever Productions on famed Music Row in Nashville, TN. The culmination of two weekends in the studio, the Let's Go! EP was released May 13, 2006.

Recording in hand, How I Became the Bomb began touring regionally, attracting the interest of both national and international press. On September 2, 2006, How I Became the Bomb was featured in Billboard Magazine, and on October 25, 2006, Rolling Stone named the group "Online Pick of the Day". On June 4, 2007, the Guardian UK selected How I Became the Bomb as "Band of the Day".

European Invasion

After securing UK management, How I Became the Bomb played the European Festival circuit in July of 2007. Their first batch of shows had them performing at the Summercase Festival in Spain and the Latitude Festival in Suffolk, UK, where they shared the stage with Spoon, Arcade Fire, Jarvis Cocker, AIR, Jesus & Mary Chain, and Super Furry Animals.

While on their first European jaunt, the Bomb signed licensing deals with V2 in the UK (later bought by Universal), Yep Roc in Japan, and Sinnamon Records in Spain (Arcade Fire, Arctic Monkeys, Hot Hot Heat).

Later that year, How I Became the Bomb returned to Europe to play the Wintercase Festival in Spain. They end up staying for months, touring clubs in the UK and Spain, including an extended set of dates with Editors.

Deadly Art

The troupe spent the next year recording four digital music packs and releasing them online for free, accompanied by two music videos. They have now compiled this formerly online exclusive audio content into a physical release (available from this very web site). Including four previously unavailable tracks, Deadly Art is the sixteen song epic Bomb fans have long sought. With expert assistance from producer John Baldwin (LakeFever) and mixers F. Reid Shippen, Craig Alvin, and Buckley Miller, How I Became the Bomb has created a work of filmic majesty that exceeds even their own high expectations. They will continue to do so in 2010, recording more music and touring clubs, house parties, and sci-fi conventions extensively!


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Deadly Art

As each passing year shrivels like a worm in a bonfire, How I Became the Bomb endeavours to preserve the finer moments by releasing a compendium chronicling the works of the pop troupe. Like all good historians, the band intends to insure that history will be kind to them, for they intend to write it. Thus, with each year will come an ANNUAL, encompassing the voluminous content in which you've hopefully already indulged, as well as some selections of added importance available nowhere else. Like the Volumes already put forth, each ANNUAL will be available digitally, but a finely-crafted physical copy will also be remitted, shortly, from the Merch section. The first ANNUAL is entitled Deadly Art, a blend of works from volumes past, re-sequenced for enhanced enjoyment, peppered with delectable new tracks, re-recordings of older favourites, and even a re-rendering of an obscure Paul McCartney song. Enjoy.

Released August 8th, 2009. Produced by John Baldwin. Recorded at Lake Fever Productions by John Baldwin and Jason Bullock. Mixed by Buckley Miller, Craig Alvin, F. Reid Shippen. Mastered by John Baldwin.

1. Harvest Preview Stop
2. A Formal Occasion Preview Stop
3. Killing Machine Preview Stop
4. Stella, Dear Preview Stop
5. Temporary Secretary Preview Stop
6. Best Man Preview Stop
7. Secret Identity Preview Stop
8. Action Lady Preview Stop
9. Atlas Preview Stop
10. Blood Will Tell Preview Stop
11. Tomorrow's Date Preview Stop
12. Fancy Meeting You Here Preview Stop
13. Mothership Preview Stop
14. Ladykiller Preview Stop
15. Gay Guy Preview Stop
16. Salvage Mission Preview Stop

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Volume IV: Through Adversity To The Stars

Released June 6th, 2009. Produced by John Baldwin. Recorded at Lake Fever Productions by John Baldwin and Jason Bullock. Mixed by Buckley Miller. Mastered by John Baldwin. Cover photo by Blake McClure.

1. Atlas Play Stop
2. Harvest Play Stop
3. Gay Guy Play Stop

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Volume III: They can What It Seems They Cannot

Released March. 15th, 2009. Produced by John Baldwin. Recorded at Lake Fever Productions by John Baldwin and Jason Bullock. Mixed by F. Reid Shippen. Assisted by Buckley Miller. Mastered by John Baldwin.

Full length previews available soon.

1. Action Lady Play Stop
2. Fancy Meeting You Here Play Stop
3. Best Man Play Stop

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Volume II: Foremost Sentinel

1. Blood Will Tell Play Stop
2. Mothership Play Stop
3. Stella, Dear Play Stop

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Volume I: Who Dares Wins

1. Salvage Mission Play Stop
2. A Formal Occasion Play Stop
3. Tomorrow's Date Play Stop


Photos by: Jonathon Kingsbury

How I Became the Bomb:
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Mothership: directed by Travis Nicholson, animated by Pete Mitchell, photographed by Blake McClure
Salvage Mission: directed by Robert Paynter and Jonathon Kingsbury
"Salvage Mission" Behind The Scenes
EPK VIDEO: Who Dares Wins

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