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Dec 31, 2012 JJ's Bohemia NYE Ecstatic WIG PARTYYYY @ JJ's Bohemia!!! Please join us and Summer Dregs, and Atlanta's Cute Boots, as we regale you with fake hair and real good musics! Ring in the New Year with the best dance party in Chattanooga. $10 http://SummerDregs.com/ http://cutebootsband.com/ Chattanooga, TN
Dec 29, 2012 Star Bar team luis presents HOLIDAZED with HOW I BECAME THE BOMB http://www.howibecamethebomb.com/ CUTE BOOTS http://www.cutebootsband.com/ FACTORY https://www.facebook.com/factorynorth doors at 9PM $7 cover 21and up Atlanta, GA
Dec 29, 2012 Star Bar team luis presents HOLIDAZED with HOW I BECAME THE BOMB http://www.howibecamethebomb.com/ CUTE BOOTS http://www.cutebootsband.com/ FACTORY https://www.facebook.com/factorynorth doors at 9PM $7 cover 21and up Atlanta, GA
Oct 27, 2012 The Honest Pint Hi Chattanooga! We've missed you. You like to dress up on/before/the entire week of Halloween, no? If so, put on your best duds, and come drink some suds @ The Honest Pint with us for a Halloween pre-game that is sure to raise the (un)dead! Our dear friends The Bohannons will be hosting the party, and also with us, 8 Knives! Spooky, Scary! Yours truly, HIBTB Chattanooga, TN
Apr 28, 2012 The Earl SATURDAY APRIL 28 at the EARL team luis presents HOW I BECAME THE BOMB http://www.facebook.com/pages/How-I-Became-the-Bomb/8004138351 DARLING NORMAN http://www.facebook.com/DarlingNorman JOSH FLETCHER and the MAVERICK 100's http://www.facebook.com/JoshuaFletcherMusic pre sale tickets at http://www.ticketalternative.com/Events/18240.aspx Atlanta, GA
Apr 27, 2012 JJ's Bohemia Our third, and perhaps our last (?) installment of THE WIZARD STAFF PARTY!!! where conjoined cans of consumed adult beverages become your only defense against the drunken dragons of the night. Providing additional protection in the form of entertainment: Darling Norman (our allies from the south, Atlanta) and Chattanooga's own, Shark Week. Join us, if you dare! Chattanooga, TN
Feb 3, 2012 JJ's Bohemia Launch party for The Destroyers Club, a Chattanooga music/design/video collective. Blowing it up with Summer Dregs, and others (TBA)! We like the occult. Come join. Sign up. Dance around. Yours Truly, HIBTB Chattanooga, TN
Jan 20, 2012 Mercy Lounge Mercy Lounge 9th Anniversary Bash! Since this is our first show of the new year, we'll be playing a set composed entirely of songs written during 2011 (for some of these songs, this will be the world premiere)! This FREE SHOW also features Cheer Up Charlie Daniels, Kyle Andrews, and others. Nashville, TN
Aug 26, 2011 JJ's Bohemia We return to JJ's, the greatest bar in the world! With Holy Smokes and Cousin Dan. Chattanooga, TN
Jul 30, 2011 Casbah w/ Soft Company, one of the best bands on the East Coast! Durham, NC
Jul 28, 2011 The Pilot Light With Obadiah Knoxville, TN
Jul 21, 2011 Star Bar With Darling Norman and Cousin Dan! Atlanta, GA
Jul 16, 2011 Lebowski Fest '11 Lebowski Fest! Finally, we have arrived @ one of the coolest summer festivals EVER! Feast your ears on some dear friends of ours, too: Those Darlins and J. Roddy Walston & The Business. Come and throw down with us, duders. 911 Phillips Lane, Louisville, KY
Jul 15, 2011 Whiskey Dick's We descend upon Bowling Green for the first time ever en route to Lebowski Fest! Joining us, The Black Shades will make you dance, smile, and do cartwheels. Bowling Green, KY
Jun 16, 2011 Mercy Lounge With Miami Horror and Cherub. Nashville, TN
May 21, 2011 The Boiler Room Fanaticon afterparty with the Falcon Lords! Asheville, NC
May 20, 2011 JJ's Bohemia With The Falcon Lords and The Nim Nims Chattanooga, TN
Apr 23, 2011 Duck/Inn With Heypenny Evansville, IN
Apr 2, 2011 The Loft With Modern Skirts Columbus, GA
Apr 1, 2011 Bottletree Cafe With Modern Skirts and Real Frogs! Birmingham, AL
Mar 5, 2011 Smith's Olde Bar With Modern Skirts Atlanta, GA
Feb 26, 2011 The Independent With The Worsties and Nite Nite. Auburn, AL
Feb 25, 2011 The 85 With The Worsties and Nite Nite. Columbus, GA
Feb 19, 2011 Pilot Light With Shortwave Society Knoxville, TN
Feb 18, 2011 Broadway's With Kovacs & the Polar Bear and Wages Asheville, NC
Feb 11, 2011 JJ's Bohemia Wizard Staff Party with Young Orchids and Kingston Springs Chattanooga, TN
Feb 10, 2011 Star Bar With Young Orchids and A: The Color Atlanta, GA
Feb 5, 2011 12th and Porter Food party with The Lonely H and Shoot the Mountain! NOTE: Kyle Andrews is no longer playing this show, but The Lonely H has graciously agreed to play instead! Nashville, TN
Feb 4, 2011 The Walnut Room Murfreesboro, TN
Nov 19, 2010 Star Bar With Shovels and Ropes (Carrie Ann Hearst and Michael Trent) and Goldstein. We've missed you, Atlanta! Atlanta, GA
Nov 13, 2010 The Independent With the Worsties and Nite Nite. Auburn, AL
Nov 12, 2010 The 85 With the Worsties and Nite Nite Columbus, GA
Oct 31, 2010 Mai Halloween with How I Became the Bomb and Girl Talk! Wear your spookiest and scariest, but be sure to poke leg holes in your Blob costume, as you will be expected to dance! Nashville, TN
Oct 18, 2010 The Rock Shop w/ Panda Riot, Home Video, Nite Club The Rock Shop 249 4th Avenue Brooklyn, NY $8 door, 7pm show (SCHEDULE UPDATE: We play @ 9pm!) We really do (heart) NYC! Come dance with us, will you? Yours, HIBTB Brooklyn, NY
Oct 16, 2010 The Blockley And we return to Philly! Maybe we can talk Russell into running up the steps from Rocky with a cigarette in his mouth again. While carrying My Dear Disco on his back. Come see! Philadelphia, PA
Oct 15, 2010 SHOW CANCELLED @ The Red Palace Oh My! Our sincerest apologies, D.C. as we have been denied the opportunity to dance with you... Practice up, though and shed not a tear, as we plan to return & regale you! Yours, HIBTB Washington, DC
Oct 14, 2010 The Southern This will be our first time in Charlottesville, but I know we will be friends. You've got an owl? We've got an owl! You've got the Declaration of Independence? We're really impudent! You've got Dave Matthews? We... actually we hate Dave Matthews. If you play our music and Dave Matthews's music at the same time, it creates a black hole and tears the Earth apart before compressing it into the size of a peanut. And gives you AIDS. But hey, we're sure neither of those things will happen at our show because How I Became the Bomb combines with My Dear Disco to make only awesome! Do come. Charlottesville, VA
Oct 13, 2010 The Boot Please join us and our friends My Dear Disco for an unforgettable evening of music, dancing, and awesome mustaches. Norfolk, VA
Oct 12, 2010 Kirk Ave. Music Hall Our first time in Roanoke! Let us know where to go for dinner, and we'll let you know where to go for music and dance (it's Kirk Ave. Music Hall). Roanoke, VA
Oct 11, 2010 The Pour House Do I sense a Bomb/Disco drinking contest in the making? Please come. They serve delicious beer here, and we will serve up the jams! Raleigh, NC
Oct 10, 2010 The Pilot Light Aaaand we're back in Knoxville! Those of you who missed our bitchin' show two weeks ago have one more shot. With My Dear Disco no less! Knoxville, TN
Oct 9, 2010 JJ's Bohemia We play and dance in our true home away from home, where the impossible becomes only the improbable. Will Adam actually tie his own fingers in a knot? Will Rick play the entire show standing on Russell's shoulders? Will one of us go "home" with a vagrant? Will My Dear Disco also be playing? The answer to at least one of these questions is "yes!" Chattanooga, TN
Oct 8, 2010 The Basement We introduce our friends My Dear Disco to the biggest small venue in our hometown! We love the Basement. Also featuring Cobra Cheetah Tiger Viper. Nashville, TN
Oct 7, 2010 Jack Potts On tour with the marvelous, Ann Arbor, MI band, My Dear Disco. They like to dance and to rock. And joining us as always is Garth! um, we meant Cincinatti's Founding Fathers (the band, not the crusty old dead guys). They like to Alternative and to Jungle and to Electronica, all at the same time! Cincinatti, OH
Oct 6, 2010 Buster's Billiards Kicking off our Fall Tour w/ My Dear Disco, a totally bitchin' dance-rock crew from Ann Arbor, MI. Let the games begin! Prepare yourselves: Limber up, go buy a brand new suit and/or blouse, and break in those new dancing shoes. Just fair warning... this one's going down in the record books. Tonight, Cincinatti's Walk The Moon join us! Luckily, we hear Buster's has a giant ceiling fan to keep the sweat out of your eyes. interesting theory... Lexington, KY
Oct 1, 2010 Mercy Lounge Next Big Nashville! Nashville, TN
Sep 25, 2010 41A Arts Festival Part of the 41A Arts Festival. Our first time playing in Tullahoma! Tullahoma, TN
Sep 24, 2010 The Pilot Light With Senryu Knoxville, TN
Sep 23, 2010 Mercy Lounge With The Royal Bangs Nashville, TN
Aug 28, 2010 Rhythm and Brews With soulful friends and local luminaries The Distribution. Chattanooga, TN
Aug 27, 2010 The Eighty-Five With our super-heroic friends the Falconlords. Columbus, GA
Aug 26, 2010 Mercy Lounge Chromeo is playing at Cannery Ballroom, and nothing goes with a little Chromeo like Hall & Oates (don't believe us? check this out). That's why we're celebrating our heroes' arrival in Nashville with a 70% Hall & Oates show played upstairs at Mercy Lounge both before and after their set! Can you go for that?

Come at 8:30 if you want to catch us for the first show, and just walk upstairs after Chromeo if you want to catch us for the second. See you there!
Nashville, TN
Aug 21, 2010 529 Atlanta, GA
Aug 20, 2010 The Independant Auburn, AL
Aug 19, 2010 The Bottletree Birmingham, AL
Jul 23, 2010 Exit/In BIIIIGGGG night w/ Honeymoon Thrillers & Downtown Handshake. Prepare yourselves for some world dancin'ation! Nashville, TN
Jul 22, 2010 Star Bar Falcon Lords, Machines Are People Too, Protomen, & How I Became the Bomb. How can you beat that? By making it FREE! See you there. Atlanta, GA
Jun 13, 2010 Bonnaroo Finally we descend upon our neighborhood bash Bonnaroo! We play on Sunday 5pm, but we will be wandering aimlessly for two days prior. Come find us! Manchester, TN
Jun 5, 2010 The Rocket Club We return so soon Asheville! For those of you who saw us at Fanaction, come again and we will make you boogie at twice the speed! Asheville, NC
Jun 4, 2010 The Milestone Charlotte! We finally return! This time we have The Falcon Lords on our side to better defeat you with! Charlotte, NC
May 29, 2010 JJ's Bohemia With the Falcon Lords. Chattanooga, TN
May 28, 2010 The Atlanta Eagle Woah! Do you like leather? Do you like dancing? Well come to the Atlanta Eagle! Atlanta, GA
May 27, 2010 The Eighty Five With the Falcon Lords. Columbus, GA
May 15, 2010 The Boiler Room Fanaticon after party! With the Falcon Lords. Ashville, NC
May 15, 2010 Ashville Art Museum Fanaticon! Ashville, NC
May 8, 2010 The Boot With Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun Norfolk, VA
May 7, 2010 The Triple NOTE: This show has moved from Plaza Bowl to The Triple. With friends Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun and The Milkstain. Richmond, VA
May 6, 2010


Our show at Slim's has been cancelled. Our apologies.
Raleigh, NC
May 5, 2010 Mercy Lounge Re-Build This City (on Rock and Roll) Benefit show for those afflicted by the Nashville flood! Also featuring Paper Route, Hillbilly Casino, The Dozen Dimes, and others. No cover, but donations will be gratefully accepted. Nashville, TN
May 4, 2010 Exit/In SESAC PRESENTS ROCK THE BLOCK w/ How I Became the Bomb, Colorfeels, Jordan Hull, Kid Stuff Free Show! Nashville, TN
Apr 2, 2010 Exit/In It's been a while since we've played a full show in our native city, and even longer since we've been at the Exit/In. Please come. Nashville, TN
Apr 1, 2010 Smith's Olde Bar ASCAP showcase - Spring Edition Early Show! Crowfield also plays. Atlanta, GA
Mar 22, 2010 Mercy Lounge The Road to Bonnaroo! Battle of the bands. Winner gets to play at Bonnaroo. Help us! Nashville, TN
Mar 15, 2010 Elysium (7th and Red River) w/ Protomen, Heypenny, and Automusik, RSVP here. Sponsors for the party include Next Big Nashville/ American Songwriter/ Cisco/ Music City/ Chicken Ranch Records. Austin, TX
Mar 13, 2010 ACAC w/ Heypenny & Frown Pow'r, 9PM Little Rock, AK
Mar 12, 2010 LIT w/ Heypenny 10 PM Fayetteville, AK
Feb 6, 2010 Star Bar With Atlanta son Harrison Hudson and Cincinnatti's enlou. Atlanta, GA
Feb 5, 2010 JJ's Bohemia How do, friends? As always, our metal-plated tapshoes are magnetically drawn to the best place on earth, JJ's Bohemia. Joining us this time, Moonlight Bride and The Zut Alors! Listen for some new material and some revived tunes. Chattanooga, TN
Jan 30, 2010 Exit/In w/ Wax Fang and Non-Commissioned Officers. badass! POSTPONED TO 4-2-10, DUE TO ICY ROADS. Nashville, TN
Jan 28, 2010 YEAH We make a much overdue return to the city of our birth! Also featuring Hammertorch and Shoot the Mountain. Murfreesboro, TN
Jan 22, 2010 The Pinhook Only our second time in the Raleigh-Durham area! Please support us as we invade your fair city. Durham, NC
Jan 21, 2010 The Pilot Light We return to the Pilot Light! Knoxville, TN
Dec 5, 2009 The Earl - Team Luis Presents! Good Atlantans! Tonight we return to your fine city courtesy of local wild-man, Luis. We join Atlanta's Trances Arc, and Chattanooga's Moonlight Bride. This is gonna be a goodie! Join us, will you? Atlanta, GA
Dec 4, 2009 JJ's Bohemia We're back to the house that John and Jenny built, at last! Our home away from home. Come shake your hips with us and Moonlight Bride, as well as Atlanta's Today The Moon Tomorrow The Sun. Chattanooga, TN
Nov 14, 2009 Pianos special guests TBA... we DO know it's someone's 30th B-day party, but we don't want to spill the beans on them just yet! New York, NY
Nov 13, 2009 Union Hall Our triumphant return to the big city! Union Hall is a place worthy of your presence, indeed. This time, with Seattle's BOAT. Dancin' shoes not required, but strongly recommended. New York, NY
Nov 7, 2009 The Evening Muse Greetings, Charlotte... will you dance with us? will you pass the test? trust your intincts... join us and the huguenots along with special hometown guests, TBA. Charlotte, NC
Nov 5, 2009 The Pilot Light We celebrate Guy Fawkes Day hamming it up with friends Faux Ferocious. It's just the two bands this time, so try and catch us both if you can! Yours, How I Became the Bomb Knoxville, TN
Oct 29, 2009 The 5 Spot Early Halloween bash! To dress up, or not to dress up? If you plan to try out your halloween costumes, there may be a prize in it for you. If not, we will not banish you. Line-up includes M. Coast (ex member, Of Montreal), Matt Friction and The Cheap Shots (ex. Pink Spiders), and Shoot The Mountain (ex. Country-tallica). Been too long since we've visited esteemed venue The 5 Spot! See you soon, east-side. Love, How I Became the Bomb Nashville, TN
Sep 4, 2009 DragonCon (The Hyatt) Today we don our future suits at the biggest and baddest sci-fi convention in the Southeast! Vampires and valkyries, skeptics and skin-changers, role-players and retro-futurists, all are not only welcome but REQUIRED to join us at midnight tonight to dance the frakin' night away! 12:00 A.M. in the Centennial Ballroom at the Hyatt with Bella Morte. A DragonCon pass is required for admission! Atlanta, GA
Aug 21, 2009 Plaza Bowl w/ our sworn enemies, The Protomen. Look for the triple turkey symbol in the sky... Let's dance! Richmond, VA
Aug 20, 2009 Khyber The city of Brotherly Love, let us show you that to love is to move your feet. Join us on our first adventure to your lovely sidewalks. We'll also be joined by Cinema, Cinema (NYC), and special guests tba. Philadelphia, PA
Aug 19, 2009 Union Hall Greetings, Brooklyners! Fresh off our first show in NYC, we'll be storming your neighborhood next to determine which boro really knows how to dance. Let the battle begin. Joining us is My Dear Disco. Floor-starers and arm-crossers, despair! New York, NY
Aug 18, 2009 Pianos New York City, at last! Our virgin experience. Indeed a pleasure to be joined by Gates Of Heaven (resident hero, Zach's own synth-loving outfit). Dance moves not only encouraged, but required! New York, NY
Aug 16, 2009 The Velvet Lounge The District (of Columbia) will not be dancing alone tonight! We bring you pop music! Along with Cartright (Austin, TX) and Secret Mountains. Our first stop into D.C. surely won't be our last! Be warned. Washington, DC
Aug 15, 2009 The Boot OK, Norfolk. It's your turn. Despair! Try as you may to stand still in the corner waiting on the cute girl from class to come ask you to dance. You will be changed. You will be doing the asking this time. w/ Prabir & his Subs, and local favs, Receiver. Norfolk, VA
Aug 14, 2009 Gallery 5 Art Gallery, or Dance Floor? We'll be the judge of that! Hello, Richmond. Nice to meet you. We are How I Became the Bomb. Our friends Prabir, David Schultz, Vermillions, and We are going to borrow your Gallery5 for a night of pure dance debauchery. OK with you? Dance with us tonight, or Bowl with us next weekend! Maybe both? Yours Truly, HIBTB Richmond, VA
Aug 13, 2009 Slim's Downtown Our virgin visit to Raleigh, NC. We hope the people on the East Coast like to boogie. What better partners in crime than The Dry Heathens and Prabir and his Subs? Don't let your mothers down again... don't miss it! Raleigh, NC
Aug 12, 2009 Caledonia Lounge sponsored by Wuxtry Records: Athens always rules! Come hang with The Bomb and our friend Andy. He's from Denver, and used to be in the band Of Montreal. Marshmallow Coast and The Lolligags are true blue, Ethel. Do join us! Athens, GA
Aug 11, 2009 529 4th Ward Heroes and Team Luis put on the sickest parties in Atlanta (and maybe even the EastSouth)! Come give your week an early shot in the arm, and dance with us! We'll be playing with a baddass duo, Sealions and Atlanta's own, Young Orchids, while DJ Black Dominoes spins in between and after! Atlanta, GA
Aug 9, 2009 The Nick Hello, B-ham. We're throwing down for service-industry night @ The Nick once again! The Dirty Lungs and The Young Republic will also bring some heat, let's eat! Birmingham, AL
Aug 8, 2009 Mercy Lounge With Kyle Andrews and the Zut Alors Nashville, TN
Aug 7, 2009 JJ's Bohemia With Prabir and the Substitutes and a special guest. We be east coastin'! Chattanooga, TN
Aug 6, 2009 Pilot Light East Coast Tour kickoff! With Yung Life and the Young Republic Knoxville, TN
Jun 20, 2009 City Stages Festival Birmingham, AL
Jun 13, 2009 The BBC Outdoor event at the BBC brewery with Lucky Pineapple and other local guests. We play sharply @ 9. Louisville, KY
Jun 12, 2009 Southgate House Our first show at the illustrious Southgate House. Please join us and Lucky Pineapple (Louisville, KY). Newport/Cincinnati, KY
Jun 5, 2009 Mercy Lounge Please join us and celebrate the fourth installment in our online collection, "Volume IV: Through Adversity, To the Stars!" With Coral Castles, Lucky Pineapple, and Justin Kase. Nashville, TN
May 16, 2009 Star Bar Back @ the Star Bar w/ a righteous lineup: Coral Castles (Chattanooga) & The Constellations (Atlanta)
***Moustaches are not only welcome in this fine month of May, but encouraged.
Atlanta, GA
May 15, 2009 JJ's Bohemia Playing with dear friends, Coral Castles, and Atlanta's The Constellations @ the greatest place on earth. Come make dance with us. Chattannooga, TN
May 7, 2009 Club 527 With the Features and the Dexateens. Murfreesboro, TN
May 5, 2009 La Paz Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a full day of great music! Also featuring Jensen Sportag, Shoot the Mountain, Coral Castles, Heypenny, and more! Noon to 11:00 PM. $10 cover charge includes a free 16 oz draft. Nashville, TN
Mar 21, 2009 Thirsty Nickel, 325 E. 6th Street Red Gorilla Music Fest (SXSW) 12:30pm - Fox Fagan 1:30pm - The Literary Greats 2:30pm - Lisa Briggs 3:30pm - Tori Sparks 4:30pm - The Massacoustics 5:30pm - Pete and J 6:30pm - The Morning After 7:30pm - Dean Lickyer 8:30pm - Fools & Horses 9:30pm - Lorien 10:30pm - How I Became The Bomb 11:30pm -Special Guest TBA 12:30am - DJ Austin, TX
Mar 20, 2009 The Tap Room at Six Lounge
fun to be had in the daylight hours:


Day Party schedule:

1. 12:15-12:50 - In the Round with Jedd Hughes, Jeremy Lister, Trent Dabbs and Katie Herzig
2. 1:00-1:20 - Sarah Siskind
3. 1:30-1:50 - Kyle Andrews
4. 2:00-2:20 - Madi Diaz
5. 2:30-2:50 - Daniel Martin Moore
6. 3:00-3:20 - Those Darlins
7. 3:30-3:50 - The Ettes
8. 4:00-4:30 - The Features
9. 4:40-5:10 - Howlies
10. 5:20-5:50 - How I Became the Bomb

See you there, friends!
Austin, TX
Mar 20, 2009 SXSW party @ Smokin' Music [old Copper Tank location]
Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Smokin' Music Late Night Presented by American Songwriter Midnight-5am (We play right around 4:00 am!) Playin' with Wax Fang, Elle Macho, and AutoVaughn.
Austin, TX
Mar 17, 2009 5 Spot Saint Patty's Party Hour!!!!! Nashville, TN
Mar 13, 2009 Mercy Lounge BEWARE, THE IDES OF MARCH Volume III: "They Can What It Seems They Cannot" release extravaganza! w/ friends: Eureka Gold, Deastro (Detroit, MI) & Millionaire Magicians Please download and enjoy our newest three songs at: www.howibecamethebomb.com Come party with us! Kisses and Hugs, How I Became the Bomb Nashville, TN
Mar 12, 2009 The Pilot Light With friends Deastro! Volume III release party! Knoxville, TN
Feb 7, 2009 The Loft Columbus, GA
Jan 31, 2009 Caledonia Lounge Athens, GA
Jan 30, 2009 Star Bar Atlanta, GA
Jan 29, 2009 JJ's Bohemia Chattanooga, TN
Jan 24, 2009 The Nick Birmingham, AL
Dec 31, 2008 The Basement NYE 2009 Nashville, TN
Dec 13, 2008 Mercy Lounge w/ The Protomen and Jensen Sportag Nashville, TN
Dec 12, 2008 Tomato Tomato Murfreesboro, TN
Nov 22, 2008 JJ's Bohemia Behold! We come to celebrate new websites, musics, and videos!!! Tis truly PARTY TIME. Chattanooga, TN
Nov 20, 2008 Star Bar Big Trouble in Little 5 Points: w/ The Judies, and Tendaberry Atlanta, GA
Oct 30, 2008 Aerial Free Pre-Release Pre-Halloween Show! Dress like an idiot! Get a secret password to download a new Bomb track! With Shoot the Mountain, Jensen Sportag, Vovo, and My Tyger! Please be our esteemed guests. Nashville, TN
Oct 11, 2008 Mercy Lounge Lightning 100 Miller Made Music Showcase. With Kyle Andrews, Harrison Hudson, and Gabe Vitek and The Ivory. Nashville, TN
Oct 3, 2008 Agave Playing in the parking lot @ Agave with: Mean Tamborines, Coral Castles, and Talking With Hands $5 (21+) $8 (18+) Nashville, TN
Sep 27, 2008 Midnight Mt. details soon... could be @ your house, your mama's house, international house of pancakes... stay tuned! UPDATE: @ 1102 E. Academy with Shoot The Mountain and perhaps other party favors, not excluding random tap-dance. Murfreesboro, TN
Sep 13, 2008 Exit/In for next big nashville festival. Nashville, TN
Sep 12, 2008 Rhythm and Brews with The Protomen Chattanooga, TN
Aug 30, 2008 Mercy Lounge with The Howlies and Eureka Gold! Nashville, TN
Aug 29, 2008 The Earl With The Howlies (SINGLE RELEASE), and Giant Tigers! Atlanta, GA
Jul 31, 2008 Aerial Dance Party! Nashville, TN
Jul 19, 2008 JJ's Bohemia Chattanooga, TN
Jul 18, 2008 The Basement Nashville, TN
Jun 13, 2008 Echo Music Bands and Beer (bring your own!). This is a picnic ECHO MUSIC is having for their clients. They told us to invite our friends. We'll play some songs and dance around 6. Tent around back. Nashville, TN
Apr 19, 2008 JJ's Bohemia Best place on the planet! playing with Forest Magic... and others for a special lady's berfday. do bring gifts. Chattanooga, TN
Apr 18, 2008 Wolfcastle w/ Meemaw and We Were the States! Free beer with admission. Murfreesboro, TN
Mar 29, 2008 527 Main St w/ Velcro Stars and Coral Castles 18+! Murfreesboro, TN
Mar 29, 2008 The 5 Spot 9pm, $7, 21+ w/ Prabir and the Substitutes (friends from Richmond, VA) & Spanish Bombs (featuring ex-members of Velcro Stars and The Bubblegum Complex) Nashville, TN
Mar 13, 2008 JJ's Bohemia w/ Heypenny Chattanooga, TN
Jan 28, 2008 Mercy Lounge 8 off 8th, Lakefever Production presents: We have the pleasure of sharing the stage with Stories That Live, Tommy and the Whale, Sleep Study, Vovo (Mark Bond's solo project), and more... Sure to be a treat. For you, free Nashville, TN
Jan 26, 2008 Forecastle Festival we play right after Band of Horses and VHS or Beta... Louisville, KY
Jan 18, 2008 Mercy Lounge w/ The Carter Administration, The Clutters, De Novo Dahl, Ghostfinger, et. al Nashville, TN
Jan 11, 2008 JJ's Bohemia w/ The Protomen. Come, be entertained by the Mega-mania! Chattanooga, TN
Jan 10, 2008 World Grotto w/ Wax Fang Knoxville, TN
Dec 31, 2007 Mercy Lounge w/ The Features. New Years Bash. Nashville, TN
Dec 8, 2007 JJ's Bohemia w/ Wax Fang. Chattanooga, TN
Dec 7, 2007 4th Street Live w/ Wax Fang. come one. come all. our glorious return! Louisville, KY
Dec 6, 2007 The Dame with our ole friends, J. Roddy Walston and the Biz, and Wax Fangers! totally bitchin'. Lexington, KY
Nov 23, 2007 Pop Bar Razzmatazz w/ Soulsavers Barcelona, ES
Nov 20, 2007 Espacio Movistar w/ Editors Barcelona, ES
Nov 19, 2007 Cormoran w/ Editors, The Boxer Rebellion Valencia, ES
Nov 15, 2007 Santana 27 w/ Editors, Boxers Rebellion, Pol. In. Santa Ana Telleria Bilbao, ES
Nov 12, 2007 Club NME Studio 41 Canterbury, UK
Nov 9, 2007 Pressure Point Turncoat + The Laser Crabs Brighton, UK
Nov 5, 2007 Barfly w/ The Crew, New Projects Liverpool, UK
Nov 4, 2007 The Purple Turtle w/ The Luminaires Liverpool, UK
Nov 2, 2007 Club NME - Sin City Swansea, UK
Nov 1, 2007 Waterrats London, UK
Oct 26, 2007 Ammersham Arms London, UK
Oct 23, 2007 The Social (Milk) w/ VIP Party Boys (NYC) and Nick Harrison London, UK
Oct 22, 2007 Rescue Rooms All Day. Nottingham, UK
Oct 18, 2007 Maida Vale Radio One Session Will record 3 tracks at legendary Maida Vale Radio One studio!!! Keep your ears clean, and we'll let you know more when we do. London, UK
Oct 17, 2007 Fibbers York, UK
Oct 16, 2007 King Tuts Glasgow, UK
Oct 13, 2007 The Faversham John Peel Day w/ The New Puritans and ox.eagle.lion.man Leeds, UK
Oct 10, 2007 Metro w/ The Toy Guns, The Acute London, UK
Sep 27, 2007 The Boro Our better-later-than-never back-to-school show! Please join us for debauchery, dancing, and verbal derby! This is to be Velcro Stars final performance with the ever-lovable Danial, and our very own drum machine, Big Spo. Also, starring The Dirty Holidays!!!! Do dance with us all. Murfreesboro, TN
Sep 21, 2007 JJ's Bohemia with the Coral Castles! Account for yourselves! Chattanooga, TN
Sep 15, 2007 The 5 Spot Our first of many battles on the fertile soil of East Nashville. with The Love Society and Coral Castles (Chattanooga)!!! Nashville, TN
Sep 8, 2007 Cannery Ballroom Hello, lovers! A slight delay in our return to Europe has enabled us to participate in this wonderful event. Playing with friends: The Features, De Novo Dahl, Skyblazer, Eureka Gold and Paper Rival @ Cannery Ballroom. Do come dance! $30 Festival pass/ or $15 at door for this and access to Mercy Lounge too (Dance party, upstairs, right after our set). More details here: www.nextbignashville.net Nashville, TN
Aug 17, 2007 Mercy Lounge Newer to our burgeoning music scene we have 3 bands that are sure to wet your pallets: The Sleep Study (Chad McWherter, ex. My Relationship with Gravity, and Rollum Haas' new project.) Stories that Live ex Floridian newcomers to East Nashville, also Joe Colvert (Lakefever Productions, and ex-Girls and Boys) joins in on bass. The Turf- young group of exciting musicians, playing their first Mercy Lounge gig. Please get there early enough to catch them all! We intend to dance and pop music your faces off. ALL AGES SHOW!!! $10 for 18+, $7 for 21+ Show starts at 9:30! Nashville, TN
Aug 9, 2007 The 40 Watt We return to the Athens Popfest, one of the finer things in life. With Ted Leo and many more. Athens, GA
Jul 28, 2007 JJ's Bohemia w/ The Clutters.... We re-visit the best place on this earth, JJ's. Chattanooga, TN
Jul 27, 2007 WFPK We are to play over the strong airwaves of Louisville's 91.9 WFPK. Please visit their site and listen live... www.wfpk.org noon to 1pm (eastern time)! Yea! Louisville, KY
Jul 27, 2007 Forecastle Festival De La Soul and Girl Talk headlining!!! We dance for/with you on Friday @ 6:30 on the West stage (just 2 bands before De La Soul!). check here for more details: http://www.forecastlefest.com/2007 Louisville, KY
Jul 17, 2007 The Buffalo Bar Artrocker magazine night. playing with The Answering Machine... 5, but FREE if you go to (artrocker.com) and going to the club page and apply for membership on membership@artrocker.com London, UK
Jul 15, 2007 Latitude Festival We journey to the UK to play the most interesting and acclaimed Latitude Festival! Suffolk, UK
Jul 14, 2007 Summercase Festival Barcelona, ES
Jul 13, 2007 Summercase Festival Madrid, ES
Jul 2, 2007 Mercy Lounge Bawston Shawn's 8 Off 8th. Look out! Featuring Velcro Stars, The Tennessee Turncoats, Tigers With Cheese, German Castro, Those Darlins, and more! Oh my! Nashville, TN
Jun 30, 2007 The End Do come! The Love Society and Moresight. Nashville, TN
Jun 23, 2007 ISP Art House w/ Slushco and Moresight. That's about all we know. Atlanta, GA
May 5, 2007 The Basement Grimey's & The Basement's CINCO DE MAYO Blowout Party and Big-Ass Sale!! – Sat. May 5, 11AM-?, FREE! Here's a brief re-cap of what's in store: Free Live Music starting around noon and going `til dark. Tons of great bands with kick-ass local DJs spinning between sets. The Yazoo beer truck pouring killer Dos Perros, Baja Burrito serving up tasty tex mex and tons of unbelievable bargains in the way of $2 CDs, $1 LPs, and everything in the store on sale to boot. It's a party, y'all – the logical and totally overwhelming extension of our in-store performances. We're inviting some other local retailers and organizations to join us like the Nashville Rollergirls, WRVU, and Local Honey. More details will follow as things fall into place. Look for regular updates in the weeks to come leading up `til May 5th. Here's what we've got confirmed so far for live music: Dr. Dog Dixie Dirt The Zone feat. Billy Bass (Funkadelic) & Ron Dunbar (Parliament) How I Became The Bomb Cortney Tidwell Elizabeth Cook Hotpipes Jedd Hughes Nashville Shakespeare Festival plus DJs D-Funk, Geezus, Cool Out, Slim Goodie, DJ SRC and more coming. So go ahead and put May 5th, Cinco De Mayo, on your calendar to hang with us in the parking lot. It's gonna be a stone cold blast, guaranteed Nashville, TN
Apr 20, 2007 JJ's Bohemia w/ The Ocelots. we wrestle them in video game experience points... it will be an unequivocal matchup! Chattanooga, TN
Mar 31, 2007 Holy City Popfest Holy City Popfest 2007 @Cumberlands Lineup tba We know it gots De Novo Dahl and the Features Charleston, SC
Mar 30, 2007 The Pilot Light w/ De Novo Dahl Knoxville, TN
Mar 25, 2007 Exit/In Certainly our pick for the one show you cannot miss. Aqueduct is the favorite band of at least two How I Became the Bombers. David Terry is exceptional and large. Youth Group is the next big thing and who better to see on a Sunday nite? Nashville, TN
Mar 17, 2007 Casa Burrito with king BAD ANIMAL and prince DJ BAWSTON SHAWN. Drink, drink, drink. Dance, dance, dance. Teetotalers unwelcome. Murfreesboro, TN
Mar 15, 2007 Longbranch Inn - SXSW Playing amongst some awesome bands: The Clutters, The Woggles(Atlanta), The States, etc. Austin, TX
Mar 14, 2007 Maggie Mae's Rooftop SXSW y'all! Fighting on the rooftops of Austin for a chance to become kings of men. If you get a chance to see us in the thick of all the other great bands, we would greet you with hugs and dance moves. Austin, TX
Mar 12, 2007 Mercy Lounge An 8 Off 8th for local bands heading to South by Southwest. Do come. Nashville, TN
Mar 2, 2007 House Show Elekibass (Japan), Velcro Stars and ourselves will conquer and assume control of the basement of The 3 Annas residence in Nashville. 205 Morton Avenue (Nashville) ...near Nolensville Pike/ Thompson Lane/ Briley pkwy Nashville, TN
Feb 17, 2007 JJ's Bohemia w/ Forest Magic Chattanooga, TN
Feb 16, 2007 Smith's Old Bar This is to be an ASCAP showcase (OPEN TO THE PUBLIC). w/ Summerbirds in the Cellar, Rouletta, and Dead Confederate. tickets are only $6 per night, or $10 gets you the whole showcase. Available at ticketalternative.com or the door at Smiths. Thurs & Friday are 21+ Atlanta, GA
Feb 3, 2007 Caledonia Lounge w. Casper and the Cookies/ and Russian Spy Camera Athens, GA
Jan 20, 2007 Mercy Lounge First, go see our friends Der Bomb Bomb Bomb in a very special showcase performance early in the evening (10-ish) at The Basement. Peoples from overseas come to see us dance. Celebration at Mercy Lounge is with Jetpack, The Clutters, and ourselves. Please be there. Very important to see you. Nashville, TN
Dec 31, 2006 Grand Palace How I Became the Bomb vs. Bubblegum Complex vs. The Mattoid. Late show, but party starts early (10:00). Murfreesboro, TN
Dec 8, 2006 Wallstreet w/ All We Seabees and Jeff Boswell (of Jeff's Pizza Party USA): our first show at the Wallstreet. Lets cave in the ceiling once and for all. (pizza not included)... Murfreesboro, TN
Dec 2, 2006 The Pilot Light With the revolutionary BAD ANIMAL! Also some DJ tomfoolery by Baby Tiger and Taradactyl. 18+, Call 865.524.8188 for directions Knoxville, TN
Nov 18, 2006 Mercy Lounge W/ The Selmanaires, and the Non-Commissioned Officers. Nashville, TN
Oct 28, 2006 Parkway Billiards w/ J-Roddy Walston and the Business and The Bohannons Chattanooga, TN
Oct 27, 2006 Casa Burrito W/ J. Roddy Walston and the Business (Chattanooga). Chattanooga, TN
Oct 20, 2006 WMTS Mahalo, friends! Mr. Bizness and I will exhibit our elocution skills on Miss Jane's Eclectic Cuts Radio program on 88.3 WMTS. Be wary. Yours, J. H. H. Burr, Jr. Murfreesboro, TN
Sep 19, 2006 Grimeys Aw shivers, me likes to invite ya swashbucklers to this humdinger of a good time. There will be treats for the youngsters and adult beverages for those of age. We be bringin' our own rum drinks. Hope to see some ole' skallywags and meet some new young bucaneers. See ye there! Nashville, TN
Sep 17, 2006 The Basement w/ Dr. Dog Nashville, TN
Aug 30, 2006 Rhythm and Brews finally going to play in Chattanooga.. w/ The Features Chattanooga, TN
Aug 19, 2006 On The Green An outdoor concert showcasing several of Nashville's top local bands performing to benefit The Nashville Humane Society. Starting at Noon, Bang Bang Bang, Autovaughn, How I Became The Bomb, The Lonely Hearts, The Casual, The Comfies, Spout and, other special guests to be announced, will perform to an all ages crowd so...please bring your parents. Great food and beverages will be available all day so please leave your grill at home. You are invited to bring blankets, lawn chairs and sunbrella's to enjoy a beautiful day of food, music and friendship in support of The Nashville Humane Association. Parking and lawn space for hundreds of visitors so....come on down!! The event proceeds will help support "ROVER", an important community outreach program conducted by The Nashville Humane Association providing Spay & Neuter services to qualifying Middle-Tennesseans. The NHA needs our help this summer to control over-populations of homeless animals in Davidson County and surrounding areas. For more information email the Kat or click HERE for a map. Your $18 contribution gets the whole show and parking too! Proceeds benefit The Nashville Humane Association http://www.nashvillehumane.org/ Nashville, TN
Aug 12, 2006 Monkey's Tale Our first show outside of these Confederate States. Part of the Midwest Music Summit, which should play out to be three days of gherming and debauchery. Lotsa other Middle Tennessee bands are set to showcase this weekend: Glossary, Forget Cassettes, Apollo Up, The Comfies, The Carters, Stone Jack Jones, Autovaugn, & good ole' Masa. We also stumbled upon a band from NC called Burr Lives... Weekend wristbands are $20 ($25 after 08.04). Indianapolis, IN
Aug 11, 2006 Exit/In Forget Cassettes is releasing their new album, "Salt" It will truly be a party. Also playing will be one-time Nash. act The Whole Fantastic World. Nashville, TN
Aug 9, 2006 Little Kings Club Athens Pop Fest - Joe Sidney, the Specific Heats, My parents our favorites ...Velcro Stars, Gift Machine, Baby Calender, Flash to Bang Time, the Maybellines, So Many Dynamos, the Instruments, New Sound of Numbers, Megaband and we will be there too! Athens. That's in Georgia. Festival. With lots of pop. AHHHHH this is gonna be amazing. Athens, GA
Aug 5, 2006 Lenny's w/ All The Saints! our first ever trip to Atlanta! Hope you can all make it out, at least if you live the area... Zodspeed! Atlanta, GA
Jul 30, 2006 The Upside Down Plaza This is to be our first out-of-state romp with badass cheekyrockrrrs The DirtyLungs. Please come out and support, if you're in the area. We love you. w/ The Dirty Lungs. Birmingham, AL
Jul 22, 2006 Grand Palace This show is sort of a pre Athens Popfest showcase. It's going to be Velcro Stars and How I Became the Bomb and several bands from the Athens,Ga record label Happy Happy Birthday To Me. HHBTM hosts the Athens Popfest and all the bands playing this night will be playing the Popfest in August Murfreesboro, TN
Jun 5, 2006 Mercy Lounge Keith Lowen of De Novo Dahl and Hail to the Keith fames is hosting the Mercy Lounge's weekly 8 off 8th event. Sure to be a great lineup with that man in charge! Nashville, TN
May 26, 2006 Exit/In GHOSTFINGER, and THE CLUTTERS, a million bliglocks better than your average show. Nashville, TN
May 13, 2006 Mercy Lounge "Let's Go!" CD Release Show!!!!!!!!!!!! Getting crazy and bringing a variety of support. Lazerman and the Non-Coms, performing soundtrack music from "Make-Out with Violence," the first feature length film produced by the Deagol Brothers. (zombies!) The world premier of the preview/trailer will follow their performance. And right before The Bomb does their thing, Bad Animal (Knoxville) will lend his peculiar array of keyboard samplings and dance skills. Surely a night you may never forget! Unless you drink too much, and then you'll at least have an official copy of our CD to refresh your memory. Nashville, TN
Apr 28, 2006 The Evergreen This is to be the last show for The Bang Up, local darlings. And if that wasn't sweet enough, it is the CD release party for the much anticipated the Choir Invisible Records Compilation, Singing In the Choir, featuring unreleased material by Murfreesboro acts such as: Velcro Stars, How I Became The Bomb, The Bang Up, GhostFinger, The States, The Roosevelts, Kelly Kerr, and Jacob the Great Murfreesboro, TN
Apr 22, 2006 The End We will be performing w/ the ever mysterious Protomen. If you do not know who they are, just ask your 10 year old nephew. He knows them. They are in his Nintendo Power magazine. Also, there is a DJ named Makeup and Vanity Set who will be spinning beats that make you think about yourself. Nashville, TN
Apr 1, 2006 The Basement April Fools "Secret Identity" Masquerade Ball! THIS SHOW WILL BE A SPECIAL PRE-RELEASE OF OUR FORTHCOMING EP "LET'S GO!" Wear a mask to get a FREE copy! w/ MASA (Nashville's foremost Japanese songwriter) and GIRLS AND BOYS (Nashville's foremost group of girls and boys). You won't be able to get another copy of the EP until MAY23! So be there punk! Nashville, TN
Feb 18, 2006 Mercy Lounge w/ The Features and The Privates! Shall be grand. We'll have some stuff to trade you. Hope to see you downtown. Nashville, TN
Feb 9, 2006 The Boro w/ Stock Market Crash (Oklahoma City, OK) and tba. In the midst of a rediculous tour-- 41 shows in two months, we are glad that this hard working band is stopping by in our town. Murfreesboro, TN
Feb 4, 2006 The Basement Grimey's one-year anniversary party!!!! (at their new location). Playing with The Sun, the first band ever to release their whole album in DVD format. (laymans terms: that's pretty cool.) Also performing: Juke Joint Saturday (2 members of The Legendary Shackshakers). special t shirts will be dispersed for the event. The first 80 people to pay cover will get a free T Shirt. yay! Nashville, TN
Jan 27, 2006 Temptation Club w/ Captain Of Industry (Do Tell Records) and Human Reunion, both from Dayton, Ohio. A night of lo-fi electronica and hi-fi nudity (venue is in fact a strip club every other weekend). Murfreesboro, TN
Jan 13, 2006 The Basement w/ Snakerider (aka- Ghostfinger) and D. Striker. Special Friday the 13th release party of RR Magazine. We have no alias as of yet. Nashville, TN
Dec 13, 2005 Grand Palace w/Castanets (Brooklyn, NY). Grand Palace is open, and now this town will be getting some good national acts. Castanet's is the first of those, and we are really happy to be playing with them. Murfreesboro, TN
Nov 20, 2005 Grand Palace w/ Murfreesboro's favorite outta-towners, The Rachel Nevadas, The Bang Up, and Velcro Stars. Was @ Farm House, now @ Grand Palace. Murfreesboro, TN
Nov 12, 2005 The Basement Really incredible show w/ awesome NC band, The Strugglers, Cortney Tidwell, and a puppet show(?). Don't know, but I am interested. Nashville, TN
Oct 31, 2005 The Boro Haloweeeen. Spooky Line-up. Water Melancholy Flower, then us, followed by The States, and Victor Furious to round out the bill. Maybe we'll give out some candy or somthin. Murfreesboro, TN
Oct 27, 2005 The Basement Velcro Stars. Girls and Boys. This is going to be radical. Nashville, TN
Oct 22, 2005 The Boro w/ our friends Velcro Stars and Venice is Sinking via Athens, GA. Check out their video @ veniceissinking.net Murfreesboro, TN
Aug 22, 2005 The Temptation Club We shall be playing with the mighty Z/28s and a band from a faraway land (Dig, Shovel, Dig--Asheville, NC). You should come. And bring your friends that have boobs. Murfreesboro, TN
Jul 30, 2005 The Boro I know Ghostflower is playin'. So there's that. Murfreesboro, TN
Jul 15, 2005 The Boro with The Hanks, Prabir from The Rachel Nevadas, and zee Bang Up! If you don't show, we will molest your pets! Murfreesboro, TN
Jun 6, 2005 Temptation Club Our Historic First Show!
Things that happened:
1) We acquired a name.
2) Jon wore a powdered wig.
3) We debuted some songs: Kneel Before Zod, Fat Girls Talkin' 'Bout Cardio, Big Fat Liar (never recorded), and Robo
4) Velcro Stars. Andy pulled double duty for the first time of many.
Murfreesboro, TN